What we love about what we do

Planning From Your Heart


Staying focused on why you're getting married clears a path to wedding planning that will keep your sanity in tact

Personalizing Your Day


Tapping into the thoughtfulness and creativity within you, making for a most memorable and unique celebration of your love 

Pro-Active Assistance


Our approach to wedding planning ensures that you're asking--and answering--all the right questions (even ones you hadn't thought of yet)

What makes us so S-A-S-S-Y


One of our longest standing foundations is that the wedding couple, their voice, and their vision are always our top priority. Working on your behalf, and in the best interest of your wedding vision, is what fuels our hive. 


Staying in touch regularly with our couples is essential to maintaining wedding planning momentum. We help you stay on top of your to-do's (and even mandate wedding planning detoxes when necessary).


Logistical. Emotional. Technical. Visual.
Every step of the way.
From navigating the vast sea of options out there, to holding your dress over your head while you pee...we've got you covered.


Our Sassy Little Bee has got a checklist, spreadsheet, and a system for everything. EV-ER-Y-thing. And each wedding we help execute contains new opportunities for us to evolve and strengthen our organizational tool box! 


Balancing this wild wedding world we work in with some off the clock serenity is an absolute must for us. You won't find us offering "unlimited" anything or "24/7" availability out of respect for our families and our own sanity.

It takes a village to plan a wedding.


Amanda Trejo

Owner, Planner & Coordinator
She is: sassy, little bee
In 2004, a sassy little Jersey girl with a Rutgers botany degree moved to San Diego. However, shortly after landing in SD, she got bit by the wedding bug and traded in her lab coat & microscope for floral clippers...and eventually traded those in for spreadsheets and clip boards, never to know the true meaning of a "weekend off" ever again.
Best parts of the job: well executed toasts; crying good tears; working with our dearest friendors; firing the confetti cannon and releasing balloon drops
Worst parts of the job: drunken, sloppy toasts; no gluten free desserts
Off the clock passions: gluten free desserts, fostering kittens, dogs who love kittens, birds of prey, electroforming, but most of all, spending time with her favorite painter and other half, Michael C Hayes


Mary Chu

Planner & Coordinator
She is: organized, quick to laugh, hard to rattle
Mary is an OC native and moved to San Diego in 2003 to attend UC San Diego. After graduating with a degree in Communications, she began a career in both corporate and social events that has taken her to nearly every hotel in San Diego, across state lines and overseas.          
Best parts of the job: first dances; wedding cake; hugs from clients’ moms
Worst part of the job: wearing dress shoes when it would be easier to do the job in running shoes, tipsy guests
Off the clock passions: eating at hole-in-the-wall places all over San Diego, spending time with her husband and son, winning fitbit contests, traveling, reading historical fiction 


Erin Purnell

She is: fun loving, reliable, creative Erin is a recent San Diego resident, transplanted from Denver, CO in 2016. After graduating with a degree in Apparel Merchandising, she realized she could combine her love of planning and design by entering the wedding industry. She began her career under Amanda last September and looks forward to learning the ins and outs of the wedding industry, while growing under the Sassy Little Bee name.
Best parts of the job: Watching the groom’s face as he first sees his bride, watching everyone dance, eating delicious vendor meals
Worst parts of the job: Standing for 8+ hours in uncomfortable shoes, not being an actual guest at the wedding
Off the clock passions: Cooking, crafting, lounging on the beach, discovering local eateries/breweries, thrift shopping, yoga, and hanging with her adorable kitty.  


Tatiana Penix

She is: Lovable, sharp and detailed Tatiana  Is a hopeless romantic who loves spreadsheets, a good ink pen and meeting new people. Tatiana is from planet Earth however she was born in São Paulo Brazil. Her multi-cultured nature brings out a love for life and a passion for creating mesmerizing moments for future couples.
Best parts of the job: Connecting the dots for someone’s special day!
Worst parts of the job: So cliché, but I love what I do!
Off the clock passions: Tatiana loves life! A good beer, good company and some amazing music is only beat by spending time with her precious little girls!